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UFO by eggodAyy lmao

"I'm not a woman
I'm not a man
I am something that you'll never understand"

coding by Werewvlf



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
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Arrow left by Drawn-MarioS u p ?

Kenny | 20 | They/Them

Hi, I'm Kenny and I'm just a faggot on the internet that draws ponies.

I'm a former student of a magnet high school dedicated to the arts. There I studied the visual arts for years with a focus on photography; winnings some local art contests, and even becoming one of the best students in my class.
I'm now going to college to become an art therapist because damn I love psychology way too much!

I'm a pretty chill person so feel free to talk to me if you like, though I do get a little shy and awkward sometimes..

If you ever want some critique on your art I'll be more than happy to help you out!
I'm not very good at introductions lol.

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A e s t h e t i c

Space Milk by King-Lulu-Deer
They/Them Pronouns Stamp 2 by D0G-T33TH

I have permission by king-lulu-deer to use their pixels
Lovely Progress Bar 0% by PeppermentPanda


Feature Journal My Dudes

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2017, 11:10 PM

Star! The first fifteen people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

Star! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

Star! The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.



This artist has to be one of my absolute favorite furry artists. I love their style and their colorful characters! Their work makes me so happy whenever I see it and they inspire me a lot. 

sleepy by Pastel-Core
   Drinks by Pastel-Core
   Stay Strong by Pastel-Core

X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee) 


I really enjoy their poems they are very insightful and convey emotions through words beautifully.

Getting it WrongCommandment Six, thou shalt not kill,
Forbade taking a life,
But still it is in God's good name
The man brings down his knife.
Said Jesus, Love thy neighbour as
Yourself, but even still,
Muslims, Jews, and blacks, and gays,
Are made to bear ill will.
In Israel and Palestine,
Again this tenet breaks,
And still it seems that genitals
Is what a leader makes.
Science proved Darwin was right
But the pushers still say "No!"
And keep their faith in one book, penned
Millennia ago.
Such are the religious wrongs,
That rule our world today,
Stubborn, mouldy old bull shit,
That should be thrown away.
It's this traditional stubbornness,
That makes us all feel jaded.
They don't realise that in the end,
Change can't be evaded.
To the baby on the bus...Yes, you there, two seats in front.
I see and hear you there, kicking, screaming,
Determined to give your mother hell,
Though you don't know you are.
You don't know what you're doing.
All of us are born conservative that way.
Some never seem to grow out of it.
Well, kick and scream and shout while you can, kiddo.
About whatever you like.
Sweets. Mummy. TV. Sausage rolls. I don't care.
And soon, neither will you.
Sweat those small things to high heaven
While you have an excuse.
It'll be good practice.
'Cause there's a lot of big things to sweat too.
Someday you'll find this out. And you'll yearn
To be how you are now. Small, protected.
Yours is a simple life. All the worrying is done for you.
You don't have to do exams.
You don't have to pay taxes.
You don't have to worry about the man in Downing Street
Or the man in the White House.
Or in the Kremlin, or in the Reichstag.
Or how they're fucking everything up, down and around.
You don't need to worry about
What children in Africa or Syr
Fear, WorryFear, Worry
An open door.
A desk
A pen
An A4 booklet
A voice
White paper.
I can't understand.
I Begin
To decode
The riddle
Come to me
My pen
The paper
And thought
Seems easy
To take
And Confidence
Unneeded emotions.

X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee)X Divider (Original by Dri-Bee) 


I really like some of the concepts and designs he makes especially with his character Aimless.

Shark-pony Aimless by Flutterguy27Singing Aimless by Flutterguy27   

[Internally Screaming]


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